What is a Progressive Pearl? 

A few years ago, I came across this magnet from Curly Girl Design:

I loved that quote and decided that I wanted to try being a pearl for awhile. To me, trying to be a pearl means always working to be a better version of myself. It is striving to be content but never satisfied. A few years ago, my husband was leaving for a medical service trip to India and I decided that when he was gone I was going to work on becoming a pearl and shared this phrase with him. He returned from India with a beautiful pearl bracelet for me for inspiration.  I decided that I wanted to be a progressive pearl because the word progressive represents being forward-thinking, modern, open-minded, ongoing, and working to advance; just the type of pearl I want to be.


About the Blog.

I created this blog to document our life and share the highlights with our family and friends. I also wanted my own little place on the internet to gather the things and thoughts that inspire me. Reoccurring posts on the blog include:  

  • Monday Musing - something motivational to think about that helps me deal with the fact it is Monday.
  • That's My Jam  - a way to share whatever I am liking at the moment - products, places, trends, etc.
  • Documenting the Days - updates on what Bennett, Pax, and I are doing.
  • Camera Roll Highlights- a showcase of my recent Instragram photos.
  • #Eureka-  a catalog of all my ' ideas'.
  • Stay Posi Post - Bennett's posts by the name of his catch phrase "Stay Posi".
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