Documenting the Days - Iowa City Farmer's Market

A few years ago I was interviewing a high student at an Iowa HOBY conference about why he would be a good state representative from to attend WLC (World Leadership Congress). The student said, "Iowa feeds the world, I am proud to be from a place that can say that." It was a very impressive answer for the fifteen year-old, and one I think about often, especially when I wish we were matched somewhere else.

The true meaning of this statement really hit me when I had the opportunity to attend the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogues last year in Des Moines, IA.  This past week, in honor of World Food Day on Tuesday, Des Moines hosted the same series of events where the world leaders, scientists, CEOS, and researchers come together to discuss how to decrease hunger. The World Food Prize organization puts all of these events on in honor of Iowa Native Norman Borlaug who is known for saving more lives than other human because of the farming technologies he created. The World Food Prize is an award the equivalent of the Nobel Peace Price and is given to an individual each year that is working to decrease hunger and poverty. The headquarters of this organization is in the incredible Hall of Laureates in Des Moines which I recommend you stop by for a tour if you are ever there. I attended last year's events with a high school student who competed in an academic competition. I found out about the World Food prize and the competition from a HOBY friend who works in the office and connected me with the organization. I learned so much about food, agriculture, and research last year that I promised myself I would go back as much as possible. This week I was unable to take off work to attend because of a project at my new job and was very upset I missed it.

The World Food Prize organization is something that I love and because I could not attend the events this year I thought I would pay tribute to it and Iowa by showing a few photos my friend Justine and I took at the Farmer's Market this weekend. The Farmer's Market ends soon and I will miss the weekly reminder of what makes Iowa special.