Monday Musing - The Least Important, Most Important Thing

The quote below was said by Don Draper, the lead character in the T.V. show Mad Men. Mad Men is one of my favorite T.V. shows and something that Bennett and I have always watched together (He even dressed like Don Draper for the season premiere last Spring). Mad Men focuses on the advertising industry and because of my obsession with the show, I incorporated some of the research on Mad Men and quotes from the show in my dissertation. My literature review, is actually structured around the quote below. First, I discuss the research that demonstrates why others view creativity as the least important thing in a business, how organizations inhibit creativity through their practices, and how that makes creative feel unappreciated and not valued. I then go into the research about why creativity is essential to a organization. This quote captures why I think my research is important- those who produce an essential component to an organization are undervalued. I want creatives to have a voice through my research.


My dissertation was approved by my committee a few weeks ago, and after that I sent my application immediately to the institutional review board (IRB) at Creighton. After the IRB deems my project ethical, I can start my research. Other classmates heard back in one or two days from the IRB, I have been patiently waiting since October 3rd for one of my reviewers to get back. I am hoping by posting this quote, I will send good dissertation vibes into the universe so my project will be approved this week by the IRB and I can finally start collecting data.