That's My Jam - Buying Glasses Online

I would estimate that I stare at a computer screen for approximately 75% of my entire day. Most of my job is working on the computer and then I come home and do research, homework, shopping, and of course blogging on my laptop. I wore my glasses all week to work to help ease my eye strain that I have been feeling from this lifestyle. Many co-workers asked me where I got my glasses. People were very surprised to hear that I ordered them online. Yup, it's true. Best part is, ordering glasses online is much cheaper than getting them at the store. Here are my current spectacles.


I ordered this pair last year at The first pair of frames you get from the website are free. So for these glasses I ended up paying a total of $80 because I got the frames for free and upgraded to thin and most protected lens. I just took a few measurements of my face, uploaded my current prescription, and picked out the frames I wanted; super easy. You can upload a picture of yourself to virtually try on the frames and you can also send back the glasses if you don't like them. Highly recommended.

Because of the eye strain I have been feeling, I went to the eye doctor this week and found out that my prescription has changed a bit. I decided to try to order new glasses from Warby Parker with my new prescription. This is another online glasses company that I have heard great things about. They are also very affordable and podcasts always advertise coupon codes for money off. The big difference with Warby Parker is you can select glasses to try on at home. I selected 5 frames online and they sent my selections to me for free to try on. I got them Thursday packaged in this beautiful box.

I  tried on the frames I selected this weekend to get an idea for shapes and colors I liked. Below are some photos I took of myself in the frames to help me decide what I should choose. I also ordered  some for Bennett to try on at home as well because I was so impressed with the selection, price, and customer service. Let's be honest, he needs a pair of funkier frames to look the part of a psychiatrist.