Monday Musing - Adjusting the Sails

The hardest adjustment to our life in Iowa City is our schedule. Bennett's work schedule changes about every month when he starts a new rotation. On top of the changing schedule, he often works 12-15 hour days, late nights, and most weekends. Everyone warned us how busy residency would be and I did not  listen because we have always led a busy life and I figured it would not phase us. But it has phased us.  At first I complained about it,  then I found myself always saying "Well it has to get better in the future, so we will have to wait it out until then", and then I decided we just have to embrace and try to make the most of it now.


Bennett has been driving this car for the past few years. It is a 1991 Oldsmoblie Regency and I actually cannot physically drive it because I am not strong enough to hit the brakes. It is pretty obvious that he needed a new car. Especially because he will have to get the hospital in bad weather this winter. But when would we have time to look for a new car and buy it? Never- with our schedule and car dealerships being closed on Sundays (Iowa law) and closing at 6 or 7pm before we get home.

Now this car is just sitting in our driveway.

Now this car is just sitting in our driveway.

However, with the new attitude of adjusting our sails instead of just waiting until we have time, we decided to attempt to look for a car. Long story short, we found one dealership that was open until 9:00pm two nights a week, had them find cars for us and bring them to Iowa City, test drove a few of them late one night, and essentially just picked one. We ended up with this 2008 Rav4. It has heated leather seats, Bluetooth, and was in our price range. Since we looked at it and test drove it in the dark we noticed some scratches on it in the daylight after we bought it but it is in great condition otherwise. To give you an idea of our schedules, we had to go in on five separate occasions over the course of the week to complete the paperwork because we did not have enough time to sit down and do the paperwork in one or even two sittings. I think we were a little bit of a nightmare as customers but hey we bought the car eventually.

This adjusting my sails attitude also is forcing me to learn new skills. For example, I have never mowed in my life. I never mowed when I was younger, have lived in apartments my whole adult life, and since we bought the house Bennett has mowed.  With his busy schedule lately he has not had time to even do that, so I decided instead of just complaining about the lawn, I had to adjust and learn to mow myself. I was not happy about this because I have a fear of mowing off a toe, but once I got the hang of it, I kind of enjoyed it.