#That's My Jam - TheFineBros video

A video from TheFineBros has been making its way around social media but I had to share it here because I really love it. If you aren't familiar with the video, the producers show children ages 5 to 13 videos of two marriage proposals. One video is of a man proposing to a man and the other is of a woman proposing to a woman. Then the commentators ask the children questions about their opinions on gay marriage. The kids have such insightful and honest things to say; I highly recommend that you take the 15 minutes to watch this video. 

Watching the girl in the green shirt first learn about same-sex marriage and then easily accept it was such a cool thing to witness. To me, moments like that show that hate is really a learned behavior; being an accepting and kind person is a natural state. I hear so many kids repeat actions and phrases of hate they hear from home and it breaks me. It reminds me of this powerful commercial. 

So challenge yourself to be an open-minded and kind role model because there are little ones watching : )