Monday Musing - Thankful For

This Thanksgiving Bennett had to work so we spent the holiday in Iowa City together. Luckily I picked up some great food and flowers at Whole Foods and Dean & DeLuca when I was in Kansas City so we ate well and made it our own. When he got off of work we had our own Thanksgiving dinner where I got out some of the serveware that  I always think I will use when we 'entertain' but never do. During dinner we decided to brainstorm on our chalkboard things we are thankful for. Because we both had had a stressful past few weeks, it was a little slow to start. But then we had fun with it. This Monday I am musing about all of the things we are thankful for among the craziness of our current lives.

My long time HOBY BFF, Britney, that I saw in Chicago last week, came to Iowa City for Thanksgiving to visit family. We decided to try the whole Black Friday shopping thing Thursday night and ended up being at the mall until 3am!  Bennett was busy and I figured it would be an adventure. We went with her aunts and started at Wal-Mart where we had to get wristbands and stand in lines for over two hours for various things that we wanted. Despite all of the deals, I got most excited about the Just Dance Wii game and a set of Sharpie markers was on major sale there. Then we headed to the mall which was insanity. All of the stores had marking on the floors where to stand, rules posted, and some even had guards at the doors to manage the crowds- in Iowa City. We were very entertained by the whole ordeal and Britney was still in an arm sling which made it even more ridiculous. Britney stayed for the weekend and we had a blast running all over Iowa City. Her presence turned a potentially lonely holiday into a memorable and fun one and I am very thankful for her!