Documenting the Days - My Dissertation Tour

I probably owe you a phone call, email, or text. I am behind on life because I have been traveling the past few weeks to collect all of my dissertation data. But I am happy to say that it is all collected! Now I just have to figure out what it all means . . .

Here is a recap of my trip with my trusty Sony Recorder that I used to record all of my interviews. I made the trip as fun as possible by stopping to see friends and family along the way. Even though the trip was work, it was a much needed break for me  and I had a blast meeting up with my friends and family and enjoying city life for a few days.


I started my dissertation tour in Omaha two weeks ago. I drove there on a Sunday, interviewed people all day Monday then drove back Monday night. Although I was only there two days I fit in interviewing people at two different firms and a freelancer, met up with friends, and managed to fit in some shopping. I took my Iowa City friend, Justine with me to show her Omaha and some of my favorite Omaha boutiques and restaurants like Dixie Quicks, Aroma's and M's Pub (get the carrot dog if you ever go!). I also took her to the  Benson area, my favorite, where we discovered the new Benson Brewery which was really impressive. I loved the interviews I conducted there - I got some great quotes and information and it was fun showing Justine my old stomping grounds. It made me wonder why I was so excited to move away  . . .


I went to the Chicago suburbs last Thursday night and interviewed all day Friday at an advertising firm. My dad was in town for work so I got to spend time with him which was great. After the interviews, I drove to a nearby suburb where my friends from high school Jacey and Lee just moved to. I got to see their new place which included a beautiful wood table they made themselves! I crashed there and then headed into the city Saturday morning to spend day in Lincoln Park with my friend Britney who just had surgery on her shoulder. We spent the day shopping and made appointments to get our  eyebrows waxed at Benefit (something that I terribly miss - Benefit Brow Bars!). I could not bring myself to leave Chicago at a reasonable time because I was having so much fun but I managed to get back to Iowa City around 2:00am on Saturday night.

Kansas City

I woke up early on Sunday and drove to Des Moines to have brunch with two of my  School Psych friends Jess and Julie. We spent a long time catching up and laughing as usual.

I drove on to Kansas City on Sunday where I met up with my dad and we stayed with my sister who lives there with her dog Otis. I interviewed people at one firm all day Monday and then another firm all day Tuesday. Both firms were very welcoming and I got some interesting data.  It was nice to spend time with my sister and also got to meet up with one of my close friends Betsy who lives in the area. I stayed in KC until late Wednesday where I went to many of the places I miss/love especially Whole Foods & Dean and DeLuca where I did my Thanksgiving dinner shopping. As I was driving home from Kansas City, I couldn't help myself from crying for a good hour because I knew I was headed back to Iowa City. While I am doing my best to learn to love it here, I just miss so much about living in a larger city but am glad I could take a few days off to get a taste of it and be productive at the same time.

Here's to data analysis consuming my December!