Documenting the Days - #MatchDay

Match Day is the day when all of the medical students around the country find where they have been placed for their residency. Bennett applied at residencies he liked, some offered him interviews, and after the interviews he ranked what places he liked best. Each place also ranked him and a computer generated where he would be placed based on those rankings. At Creighton, each student goes to a Match Day ceremony where they go on stage, open an envelope, and read where they are going.  Here is a link to a video of the whole ceremony if you want to watch a part and get a feel for what it is like (Bennett is at about 19:40 and the sound is better than my clip). The last match was a proposal and pretty exciting! 2013 Creighton  Match Day

Here is a little clip that I took of Bennett on stage reading where we are going . . .

The camera stops pretty much immediately after he read the University of Iowa because I was shocked. We had ranked the University of Wisconsin at Madison first and the University of Iowa second among our rankings. Although Bennett loved both cities and programs, I fell in love with the city of Madison when we visited and was really hoping that we would be able to move there. The past few weeks I had been applying to jobs, researching places to live, and connecting with people in Madison. To hear that we were not moving to Madison and to hear it sitting in an audience was really difficult. I cried through pretty much the rest of the ceremony partly because I was a little heartbroken, partly because I was so excited and proud of Bennett, partly because I could feel everyone looking at me when he read Iowa and waiting for my reaction, partly because everyone else in the room was crying because they were finding out their placements, and partly because this moment represents a huge change in our lives. I hate myself for having that reaction because going to Iowa is a huge accomplishment for Bennett and I did not want him to feel like he disappointed me but I just could not stop the tears. I went home and got myself together and then we celebrated the rest of the day with friends and family. Our friends included Bennett's two best friends in medical school Tom and Dylan (pictured below normally and then in a 'prom prose').  Bennett's parents also came to support him and share in the excitement. It was an exhausting day emotionally but in the end I am actually very happy that we will be moving to Iowa City (We ranked it second for a reason!). I loved the school and city when we went there and know that it is an amazing program for Bennett to be trained at. I am excited to move, have a fresh start, and to live in a new city that has a diverse, creative, and accepting vibe. Here's to looking for a job, a place to live, and a moving company- Go Hawkyees!