Documenting the Days - #TaylorSwiftConcert

Taylor Swift was in town this week which means that I got to see my friend Grant who plays guitar for her.  We met in high school and have stayed in touch over the years and I am so proud of all the things that he has accomplished in his career. He has played guitar around the world, at all the big award shows including the Grammys, and has been able to live his dream of making a living playing the guitar. It is always fun and inspiring to catch up and even more fun to see him in action.

 I went with three of my friends to the concert, two of them are psychs with me at work and the others is my friend James who I have known for years. We had a ton of fun dancing and taking pictures, I put some of the highlights below. Fun Fact - the Century Link center turned the majority of the mens bathrooms into womens because of the number of women at this event, such a great idea.

James is a great iPhone photographer. Here are two my favorite pictures from the concert he took. The first one is Grant jammin' on stage with Taylor above him. The second is great at capturing what an experience the concert was.