#Eureka - Blessing Bracelets

The Blessing Bracelet is not an original Allison idea but rather one that I have been passing on for the past decade. I first learned about the Blessing Bracelet from a dear mentor of mine, Rhonda Young. When I attended the Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar in 2002, as a sophomore in high school, she gave me a Blessing Bracelet. It was huge pony beads on an elastic string with one bead that was a different color. She said I was supposed to count a blessing in my life for each bead on the bracelet; when I got to the bead that was different I would know that I made it all the way around (Some examples are pictured below). I could wear the bracelet or just keep it in a bag or drawer and pull it out to count my blessings. I loved the idea and always used the bracelet when I need some positive thinking in my life. I have passed on the tradition of the Blessing Bracelet at all of the leadership conferences I have facilitated, made them for friends, and have even given presentations on them. Tonight I was asked to speak at Creighton's Gamma Phi Beta sorority chapter meeting about the importance of ritual (I am an advisor for the chapter). I spoke for a few minutes then I had all of the girls made their own Blessing Bracelets. I gave them each a bag (pictured below) with supplies. In each of their bags I had two beads that were different instead of just one and they were beads that looked like pearls (of course!). One of the pearls was a reminder for them to count their sisters as a blessing and the other pearl was a reminder to count the large network of Gamma Phi that they belong to as a blessing. It went over really well and it reminded me of how much I love the Blessing Bracelet and how easy it is to adapt to different situations and groups.  If you want an Allison Blessing Bracelet, just let me know!