Stay Posi?

     This post is a brief introduction to a mentality that I subscribe to--Stay Posi. Short for "Stay Positive," it is a phrase I use to help me focus on what is important and fruitful in my life. The simplicity and brevity of it may make it seem banal or trite, so I think it might be easier for me to explain first what the phrase isn't. It isn't meant to be used as denial. Everyone has frustrations and struggles in their life, and no amount of wishful thinking or positive thinking can change the reality of certain undesirable situations. It isn't meant to make you ignore obstacles or problems you have to solve by only focusing on the things in your life you enjoy. And it isn't an answer or solution to the difficulties we all face. So what is it?

      It is a tool to remind yourself of your own thought process and a way to push your mind towards useful problem-solving and emotional clarity instead of dwelling on failed ideas, negative self-talk, or past failures. And I may have forgotten to mention something before that it isn't--it isn't easy to master. It is similar in many ways to working out your body by exercising. The first day, week, maybe even several weeks you exercise, it is difficult to notice the results, but by practicing and putting the effort in you begin to notice changes. After some time, you will feel a difference--your baseline level of fitness will change. Activities you once struggled through, or were unable to do, become easier. Staying posi works in a similar way, but on a mental level. With practice and conscious effort, you will begin to notice a new baseline of thought. A baseline which will eventually become almost automatic and without nearly as much effort. And in the spirit of keeping this short and sweet I'll just close by saying that I think you should put in some work to posi up your life. What's the worst that could happen?

Even better, what's the best that could happen?

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