#Eureka - Coffitivity

While Coffitivity is not my own idea it does have the word Eureka on the website and therefore it obviously has to be categorized in this manner. Coffitivity is a website that simulates the sound of coffee shop to help you be more productive and creative. Research shows that a moderate level of ambient noise is best for creativity. The research that this idea came from can be found in this article.  The website has a looping sounds of a coffee shop - snippets of conversation, glasses clanking, the espresso machine, doors opening, etc which are exactly the level and type of noise the study found to be most helpful for creativity.  When you put on your headphones and adjust your music slightly louder than the website, you feel like you are really working in a coffee shop. As someone who has always worked in coffee shops because I have felt most productive there (now I know why), I have really found this website to be helpful in making me just productive at home as I would be at Starbucks and think that you should try it!