That's My Jam - Lapse It App

This week I discovered the app Lapse It. I LOVE this app and had to share it. You can create beautiful time lapse photography with your just iPhone.  First, I got the free app then I upgraded to the $1.99 version because you can add filters and music from your iTunes to the videos. The app has great tutorials and example videos to learn from about how to get the most out of the videos you make. Here are two videos I made. The first is from Friday when I went to go work at my regional office  and ended up being completely alone in the office all day. To keep myself entertained  I recorded myself doing paperwork for an hour and the result is below. I tried it out again today. I had a TON of laundry to fold but I have a terrible cold and did not feel like it. I decided to film the folding because then I may be more motivated to just get it done, and it worked. (Plus I was watching the Retro Real World Marathon which has been amazing but semi distracting this weekend).  I am sure you will see more Lapse It videos from me in the future when I get better with the app, it is so much fun!