That's My Jam - Marriage Equality

I remember when I got engaged I was really excited to tell one of friends all of the engagement details when she was in Omaha on a business trip. We were walking through the Old Market catching up and talking about the wedding. She was so happy for me but had a sad, almost  defeated affect on her face. I looked at her and suddenly felt so guilty and awful for talking about my engagement because the reality was that she could not experience the same excitement for herself because her partner was a woman and the laws in the state she lived in prevented her from getting married. It's not right and that was a defining moment for me that prompted me to become an ally and be vocal about this cause.

I support marriage equality and in honor of the marriage equality hearings that started in the Supreme Court today, I wanted to share a video that I cannot get enough of - I just love this song and it's message. 

No one has any right to tell anyone what makes a family.
— Drew Barrymore