That's My Jam - Literally

Today I have been working on a research paper but have been having a hard time getting it done because I am so distracted by job applications, packing, cleaning, work for my current job, email, picking out things for the new house, and the list goes on and on. My mind gets cluttered with all of the to-dos and things coming up this month and I get worked up making it hard to focus. One of the preschool teachers I used to work with would always tell the kids to "Calm your body" when they would get anxious and I always think of the phrase when my mind is filled with things. I have a playlist called Calm Your Body that I continually update and play when I need to just calm down and get to work. I put these songs to good use today so I thought I would share.  It appears looking at the playlist that a man and his guitar is very soothing for me. (You can scroll the bar on the right to see and play all of the tracks)