Documenting the Days - Golden Apple

On Saturday Bennett and I attended Creighton medical school's annual Golden Apple dinner and dance. It is a banquet that recognizes outstanding students, residents, and professors and is strong medical school tradition. It is a time for everyone to get together and celebrate their hard work. There were some really inspiring speeches, an awesome senior class video, and free alcohol - all which made for a fun night.

I didn't get that many great pictures because the lighting is always odd at these types of events, but I managed to capture a few highlights to share. They include an awesome ice sculpture of Creighton's mascot- Billy the Bluejay, Bennett eating a s'more cupcake and drinking by himself, some photo booth goodness, and one of our friends running with his brother on his back (obviously towards the end of the night).

Today we went to brunch at Lisa's Radial Cafe in Omaha with the friends we went to the Golden Apple with to talk about the night. This cafe is awesome and always cracks me up with the grandma decor and specials that are always scribbled on a wipe off board and hung sideways (pictured below). They only take cash and have this waiting room where people wait, drink coffee, sit on furniture from the 1950s, and admire the interesting artwork which includes old Halloween decorations, I Love Lucy prints, and random figurines. I crave their raisin toast.