That's My Jam - The Ukulele

It was a joyous day yesterday because we got a ukulele! When I went to the Taylor Swift concert recently she played the ukulele for a few songs and it was so happy sounding. It reminded me of living in the dorm my freshman year of college. There was a guy from Hawaii that would sit and play the ukulele in the lobby on my floor for hours. Whenever he played I would study by where he was playing because it was so calming for me. I started listening to a bunch of ukulele music online since the Taylor Swift concert and found that I still really enjoy it. So the other day I mentioned it to Bennett and we ordered a cheap one off Amazon so we can both learn how to play.  Last night we learned how to tune it and some basic chords. We had a ton of fun trying to play along with some songs. I think it will be a great activity for us. I also love that the brand of the uke is Mahalo - the Hawaiian word for Thank You or Until We Meet Again.

Bennett and I decided that our ultimate goal was to play this together. It will happen.

Here are some of my favorite ukulele performances that inspired me to want one.