That's My Jam - The Industrial Look

In our new home I am going for a warm industrial + eclectic look. I have collected a few pieces over the last week to help build that look. Here is a glimpse of the items I curated.

This is shelf from Hobby Lobby that my mom saw on my Pinterest board and bought for me (Thanks mom!) I am planning on hanging it over my kitchen counter and using it for a coffee bar. I am going to hang coffee cups from the bottom hooks and put some other coffee accessories in the bins. I have some coffee related art prints that I am planning to put on the shelf as well.


I bought some wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 a piece and spray painted them today with this chrome spray paint to give them a metal look. This is a picture I took of them drying. I loved how they turned out and of course love the phrase. Not sure where I am going to hang or place them but they are super light so I could put them anywhere. It was an easy, fun project - I always feel a sense of accomplishment after I finish a painting project.

I am so messy when I do any type of art project. I was known for coming out of art class in high school with paint in my hair or on my face -it never failed. Here is a picture of my hand after painting today #NotNormal. Bennett also just discovered that I have paint on the bottom of my feet as well . . .


This weekend I went to Paperdoll in the Benson area of Omaha. It is an awesome vintage boutique that has a mix of clothes and furniture. I spotted this vintage bed spring  and bought it immediately; I plan to hang it on the wall. I have not decided how I am going to use it yet but I am either going to use it as a tie rack for Bennett, use clothespins to hold up my hat collection on it, or pin various pieces of art on it for our office. We will see -so many ideas for this piece! Bennett thought I got it out of a dumpster and did not see its vintage charm.

I collect vintage/unique light bulbs and found the collection below at the Humble Home on Leavenworth. Omaha people - if you have not been to the Humble Home you need to go there. It is owned by an awesome couple who collects fun art and furniture and also flips a lot of items too. I always feel inspired when I am in there and was stoked when I found these.