#Eureka- I call this 'The Dog & The Mask'

I have been working on a special photography series that I wanted to share. I call it --- The Dog & the Mask. I usually stay up much later than Bennett and work on things (although I am trying to get better about going to bed earlier now). Bennett wears an eye mask to get to sleep easier when I am up because that means I have the lights, t.v. and computer going which I admit is distracting for someone trying to sleep. It always makes me smile when Bennett does this and inspires the artist within me. So, if I can, I try to snap a picture and upload it to a special folder on my computer called "Bennett Sleeping".   I came across the folder today and noticed that in EVERY picture Pax was with Bennett and looking straight at the camera. What a pair! Below are a few highlights from this project that Bennett gave me permission to share.