#Eurkea - Pop of Color

A little update on our new house which I am now referring to as 'The Hawkeye House'. This past weekend we painted more and decided that with all of the grays and blacks we needed a pop of color. Out of the paint card samples I had (which was approximately a few hundred) Bennett was drawn to the yellows and I thought that was wonderful. We picked a yellow we both liked and after putting it up on the wall we realized that our place is now basically Iowa colors - hence The Hawkeye House. We still have two bathrooms, touch-ups on the trim, and (new) doors to paint.


I have had many requests for pictures but we still have a bit to go before I can proudly share some progress photos. So instead here is a little bit of a sneak peak of what we have been up to . . .


That print is from an Etsy shop Gritty City Goods.

This Rock Paper Scissors Large Chart  is actually on a canvas and is a roll down map, I just love it.

We took off the homemade valances and canvas window covers, painted the windows and walls, and then put up new blinds.


This carpet will be going in all of the bedrooms and our living room.

We are working on replacing all of the outlet and light switch covers. Every time we think we have them all, a new outlet is found. I am also using my beloved knob collection to replace all of the current knobs in the kitchen.