#Eureka - Sending a Dropped Pin

So . . .  this week I had of tons of things to do in various cities but decided I would go to Iowa City by myself to paint, get some work done on the house, and most importantly write because I have writing due for my dissertation this week. I had this great plan of going "Into the Woods" Thoreau style for reflection and to get things accomplished. Our new house does not have TV or internet yet which is basically the same as going into the woods for me. I drove to Iowa City with Pax after work on Friday and on the interstate I hit part of deer that was already killed. It was sprawled all over both lanes and traffic was heavy and I could not avoid hitting it. As a sensitive vegetarian, I burst into tears because I felt my car hit this poor dead animal. As my car started to shake I realized I had a flat tire and had to pull over to the side of I-80. It was about 9:00pm and there was no way I was going to attempt to  change the tire by myself in the pitch black on the side of the interstate with parts of the animal stuck to the bottom of the car, so I called roadside assistance. The guy who was assigned to help me kept calling me because he could not find me in the pitch black and I had no idea where I really was. He kept driving back and forth on the interstate trying to find me and  we were both getting frustrated. I kept trying to look at Google maps to explain where I was but it was just not working.

Then I remembered in an episode of GIRLS (the best T.V. show in the world) that one time Hannah didn't know where she was so she sent Marnie a dropped pin on her iPhone and Marnie found her. GENIUS!  So I sent a dropped pin to roadside assistance and the guy was able to find me right away (by this time it was 10:30pm).

So as a public service announcement of sorts, I would like to explain how to send a dropped pin on your iPhone. I consider myself tech savvy and did not know that this existed until I saw it on GIRLS. (If you have Google Maps, I believe there is a similar process).

To drop a pin, first pull up your maps and click the bottom right corner that looks like a page. Then click Drop Pin -

The dropped pin will show up as a purple push pin. Here is the dropped pin that saved me - notice how close I was to Iowa City when this happened. 

The dropped pin will show up as a purple push pin. Here is the dropped pin that saved me - notice how close I was to Iowa City when this happened. 

Then you can click on the actual pin and it will pull up the address of where you are located with options to get directions, bookmark, share, etc. I chose to share and then sent it to the man in a text message. I could have also tweeted it, sent it in an email, or posted it on Facebook. I did also post a screenshot of my map location to Instagram because I figured if I died on the side of the interstate by having a semi hit me or by getting kidnapped from someone jumping out of the creepy farm I was stranded by, then at least someone would have record of my last location. A little morbid, but those were my thoughts at the time. So the dropped pin saved me and Pax but Bennett ended up driving to Iowa City to help me with the car because he is a great husband. Turns out I drove over the antlers of the deer. .  .