That's My Jam - Grandpa's Jewelry Boxes

My grandpa is a very talented woodworker/carpenter. He has always made beautiful pieces for our family including small chairs and cradles for all of his grandchildren when they were little. When I was in middle school, my grandpa suffered a severe stroke. As a result of that stroke, he shakes and has a difficult time standing, walking, and holding his arms still. Obviously this make it extremely hard to do woodworking. While most people would give up he continued to work and create beautiful pieces. He has overcome his physical limitations by working slowly and making apparatuses that help hold things in place for him. My father also helps him in his workshop to provide assistance with whatever he needs. Recently my grandfather gave me these two jewelry boxes he made. They are gorgeous and I had to share them because it is truly amazing that he is able to make something so beautiful with such great detail.

Here are photos of one of the boxes.

Here are photos of the second box.

I truly admire his artistry, vision, and perseverance. I use these boxes to store my favorite and most prized jewelry. To give you more of an idea of just how sweet my grandpa is, check out the picture below. This is my grandma's senior picture from high school.  He has kept it in his wallet since they were in high school. That is pretty cool.