Documenting Days - Bennett's a Doctor!

Bennett graduated from medical school Saturday and this past week we have been celebrating his accomplishments and hard work. I first met Bennett when he was working on getting into medical school. I watched him study for his difficult undergraduate courses, take the MCAT, apply and interview at medical schools, go through medical school, stay up late studying for exams, wake up early to spend long shifts at the hospitals, apply and interview at residencies, and now graduate. It has been a journey and he has made it look easy. Because of his positive attitude and incredible intelligence, Bennett has completed medical school with grace. Despite the crazy schedule and endless studying, Bennett always made time for hobbies, friends, and family. To me, this is the most impressive and admirable quality in Bennett - his ability to achieve balance. Dr. Poss (so cool to write that!) will be a great doctor because of his expertise but more importantly, I know he will be a great doctor because of his compassionate and personal tone with others. He is a loving and considerate person and I know that his future patients will be thankful to be in care. 

Dr. Bennett Poss

Dr. Bennett Poss

The first part of graduation was hooding which took place on Thursday night. This is was an event just for medical students where each student was given there academic hood (pictured below).


The second part of graduation was the big formal ceremony (the video above). The ceremony was for all of the students in medical fields at Creighton. After the ceremony we celebrated with our family and good friends. I just love this BlueJay cake!

Our families came to support Bennett, it was great to have everyone together for the day. My dad took some great photos of the ceremony that you can view here on his Flickr page.


We were able to spend some extra time with family today at the zoo. Here are some highlights! Three things to note about these pictures. 1. Yes, Bennett and I insisted on carrying our coffee through the Rainforest. 2. Our nephew's favorite part of the zoo was running through the water fountain while it was raining. 3. I know the picture of the gorilla is depressing because he looks so sad but still felt the need to include it in my documentation.