Monday Musing - On Tuesday!

This is a a crazy time for us. In the past few weeks Bennett graduated medical school, we bought a house in a different city, we planned a trip to Paris, Bennett's uncle passed away,  I went through the job interview process and accepted a new job, I am wrapping up work at my current job, and I am also going to school full time/attempting to write my dissertation. This past month we have been commuting back and forth to our new house to paint and do work on it each weekend, have been  trying to pack and sort through everything we own, and have been to many dinners and happy hours to say goodbye to all of our Omaha friends. All of these life changes have been incredibly stressful and exhausting. Despite the craziness of it all, I am so excited for a change because I really needed it. The phrase below is really how I feel this week and I am so excited to have a fresh start. 


I made this quote on a cool website I thought I would share call recitethis. The site has you type in a quote and then you can pick a graphic to display the quote on. When you create the graphic you can post to a social media site, create a link for it, email it, or download it. You can also look up quotes. It's a fun little website!