Documenting the Days - Closing

This Wednesday after I got off of work, we drove down to Iowa City because we closed on our new house Thursday morning. We were so excited during the car ride, it felt like we were driving to our new life.

The closing went awesome, we met the former owners who were very nice and told us about how great the neighborhood was. It was so exciting when they handed the keys over to us. 


We went to Menards after the closing to get our paint scheme sorted out. We are getting new carpet installed before we move in so we wanted to paint as much as possible while we were in town.  Here is what we decided on  - (I had no idea Menards was so fun)

The rest of the weekend we spent painting (Minus me trying to go back for work just for Friday and getting stuck in an ice/sleet storm - on May 3rd!) I will post some more progress pictures on our painting but this video basically sums up what we spent the last three days doing.