Documenting the Days - I got a job!

I have been researching, applying, and interviewing for jobs since the day Bennett got matched to Iowa City. It has been exhausting trying to put together portfolios and applications let alone trying to figure out what direction I want my career to take.  I am happy to announce that is all behind me now because I finally accepted a job offer!  I decided to continue my journey as a school psychologist and will be working at the Grant Wood Area Education Agency. When I got off the phone from accepting the offer, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder. So naturally I started dancing - similar to this -


As a side note - in the application process, I discovered Padlet which is an AMAZING tool to make an online portfolio or gather documents in a unique way that others can view. Here is a link to view one of the portfolios I made for a job application. You can do so much with Padlet!

Grant Wood and the agency that I currently work for are part of the same overall Area Education Agency system in Iowa but are separate entities. Many people ask me about the Area Education Agency (AEA) system in Iowa; here is a short video that describes what it is and how the AEAs make a difference. I am excited to see learn more about Grant Wood and dive into all of the research, projects, and cases that await me.