Monday Musing From the Airport

I am writing this post from the O'Hare airport in Chicago on my phone. Right now we are waiting to board our flight to Madrid. From there, we will go to Paris where we will stay for a week. I cannot contain my excitement for this vacation. We really have nothing planned which makes me more excited because we will be able to explore the city in attempt to clear our heads and re-energize.

I have been a nomad this month (making it difficult to blog consistently with sketch access to WiFi). Right after we moved into our house I went to Omaha and met up with friends, worked on my dissertation with a classmate and professors, and had a few slumber parties. On Thursday, I flew to Denver for the day for a committee on I am at Creighton and traveled around Colorado for various meetings. Then I went to Des Moines, Iowa for a wedding shower and bachelorette party for a wedding I am a bridesmaid in. I have slept on couches, lived out random bags, and not showered for a few days in a row. But I have loved it all! It has been awesome getting to spend time with my close friends without the stress of work. It has made me realize the quality of my relationships and how cool my friends really are which I am so grateful for. It has also given me the travel bug, the life of a nomad seems to fit me well. That is good because we are going to board in a few minutes! Bon Voyage!