Documenting the Days - Bonjour from Paris

Bonjour! I am currently blogging from Paris in our apartment! We decided to take a trip to Paris to celebrate Bennett's medical school graduation. It has been an awesome trip so far and a great break before he starts residency. I wanted to share a few pictures of what we have been up to as we go along. Turns out we have taken hundreds of photos on my camera already so I will probably start a Flickr account for us to store them all - so here is a just a glimpse. I tried to include pictures with us in them because I figured they may more interesting to look at then the multiple photos of doors and cafes we have taken.


Day 1

Because of the time change  we got to Paris a day and half after we left Chicago. We flew into Madrid and after running to catch our flight from Madrid to Paris, we realized that our flight to Paris was delayed because the air traffic controllers went on strike in France. Luckily, it only put us a few hours behind and allowed me to take a nap on the floor of the Madrid airport. Yes, I did do that. When we arrived to Paris we checked into the apartment that we rented for a week and then went out for dinner at a cafe nearby and of course coffee. I quickly learned in Paris if that I ordered a coffee I would get an espresso and that actual black coffee is difficult to come by. We even have an espresso machine in our apartment, people just sit outside, people watch, and drink espresso. An activity which I have come to enjoy. After we went to dinner, we walked around to explore our neighborhood and hit up a cool cafe that had a ton of a graffiti on it's building for drinks. I also learned that the few years of French Bennett had in high school is very valuable here; he was able to communicate with everyone to order food and get where to needed to go. He even does so with the correct accent. 

Day 2  

We went to the  Palace of Versailles and had a great time exploring the palace and spending time in the garden. There is a canal there that was made to look like Venice and Bennett and I rented a row boat and he rowed me through the canal which was sweet and fun. After that, we went to the Louvre and saw some highlights which included the Mona Lisa and Venus statue. We also learned how to navigate the Metro and I was able to stop by a Starbucks to pick up mugs to add to my city collection. I had to also get the espresso cups as well since I will probably be drinking more of that when I get home.