Documenting the Days - A Rainy Paris Day

Day 3

Bonjour, all! This is Bennett picking up the mic for a guest spot on the blog detailing Day 3 of our trip. We started today by going to one of the many farmer's market's in Paris, the Bastille market. It was a hub of activity, and besides the expected fresh fruits, veggies, fish, and meat, there were many stands that had odds and ends like underwear, purses, electronics (including a DVD of Very Bad Night 2 a.k.a The Hangover 2), and lots more. We did not buy much, but we did get hand collected sea salt from the self proclaimed "George Clooney of Salt." Afterwards, we walked to the nearby Indiana Cafe and had a nice, drizzly breakfast while watching all of the people go by.  Next, we took the metro to Hotel de Ville to check out the modern art museum in Paris, Centre Pompidou. But first, we stopped at Abraxas to make a tattoo appointment for tomorrow for Allison. *record scratch* Yes, you heard that right. Allison has had a semi-secret goal to get a tattoo in Paris, and she had been scouting out and contacting lots of places to find the perfect one. She loved Abraxas and we left with a noon appointment to get her new ink. Still high off of her tattoo excitement, we went to the Pompidou which Allison loved, loved, loved. She has always been much more interested in modern art, and the Pompidou is a world-class blast of all things contemporary. After soaking up as much as we could, we decided to go back in time and went to see the Notre Dame Cathedral. We were excited to see the historic splendor of the building, but I think Allison was equally excited to be able to sit down inside and dry her Tom's shoes out after all of the rain we had walked through. We lit a candle for my brother, Landon, and offered a prayer for the new journey he is embarking on at St. Bernard's monastery in Cullman, Alabama. Afterwards, Allison surprised me by wanting to go up the many (422) steps to the top of the bell towers, but, unfortunately, it closed right before we were to go up. So, we went back to our apartment to see if Allie and Brock (Al & B)  friends of ours who were also going to be in Paris, had arrived yet. Luckily, their plane had not been delayed at all by the air traffic controller strikes in France, so we met up with them at their hotel and went to a cafe. And we had a fantastique time! We just talked and had food and drinks at a table outside until the late hours of the night. It all felt very Parisian and it was a tres excellent way to end the day.