#Eureka - Instagram Display

I love Instagram and take great pride in my Instagram 'work'.  When decorating our new home I decided I wanted a way to display my pictures in some way. I found an old bed spring at a vintage store for a few dollars. I hung it up in our hallway and thought it would be awesome to have a rotating display of my favorite Instagram photos on it and I am pleased with the way it came out.


The first step to making the display was having to print the pictures, which always feels like a hassle nowadays. However, I discovered the free app PostalPix which makes it super, super easy. I just selected what pictures I wanted printed and in what sizes on my phone (this can be done in batches), entered my debit card info, and the prints were delivered  in a few days. Some photo printing phone apps only allow you to print Instagram pictures but PostalPix lets you print any pictures from your phone which is awesome. It is great for Instagram photos though because one of the printing size options is a 4 inch by 4 inch which is perfect for Instagram pictures in terms of resolution. That is the size that I used for my display.


The second step was hanging the pictures from the bed spring. I did originally hang the photos with tape but the tape was not strong enough and they all kept falling off.  I figured the tape would be hard too if I kept changing the pictures because I would have to take the tape off the pictures every time I took them down. I then tried to hang the photos with regular size clothespins but those were too large and bent the photos. So I ended up hanging the pictures with tiny clothespins that I found on Amazon and they worked perfectly.

I ended up ordering a ton of photos when I saw how easy it was to order using the app.  I have some displayed in frames, on my desk, and on the fridge. I intend to keep ordering more, rotating them out, and storing the pictures in photo cartons like I used to in high school when I would get my film developed at the store. I love having printed pictures again, I feel like it is a little bit of a lost art and is way better than giving someone your phone to scroll through.