#Eureka - 5 Tips for Moving

We did it! All of our belongings are officially in Iowa City! 


Moving day was a success. We hired movers to help us load the U-Haul in Omaha and then my wonderful father-in-law and mother-in-law drove the U-Haul across I-80 where movers helped us unload it all the next day. We wore our Hawkeye gear (incuding Pax) for moving day to get in the spirit of it all. A day in Omaha would not be complete without the presence of Tom and Dylan who helped us clear out our place. Thank you for your help everyone, we felt the love.

We are not expert movers by any sense of the term.  We did do a few things, however,  that ended up being helpful so I thought I would pass along the info. (I know I have a few 'readers' moving in the next few months).

Five Moving Tips

1. Hire Movers

If it is in your budget, hire movers to load and unload your items. If it is not in your budget, rework your budget. It is enough work and stress packing and unpacking, physically carrying everything would have made me reach my tipping point in terms of stress. I actually enjoyed drinking my coffee and directing the movers where to lift and move stuff. Plus, the movers knew how to best pack the truck and did it well.


2. Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Garbage Bags

I absolutely love Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Garbage Bags and devised a plan to make them into garment bags for all of our hanging clothes. I took a few hangers put the bags over them (I had to cut a whole with scissors for the hangers because the bags are so strong) and then tied the bottom. It made the clothes easy to move. Then I hung up the clothes in the new closets and took off the bags. For long dresses I used two bags and tied them together in the middle. These bags are STRONG. We ended up throwing pillows and blankets and other things in them as well.


3. Reusable Bags & Boxes

After 10 years of college and Bennett going through medical school, we have a ridiculous amount of books. I have discovered the best way to move these huge books is in reusable bags. It is way easier than boxes that become too heavy to even lift when filled with books. The bags I think are the best are from Whole Foods and T.J. Maxx. One of the movers commented to me that it was a great idea. I know.

If you do need boxes, Target is very helpful. If you call ahead you can ask them to reserve boxes for you on one of their shipment days. They will just keep it for your at customer service. You have to call ahead a few days in advance.  


4. Bubble Wrap

Get some here. We got two of these boxes at Menards and it was glorious.


5. Stretch Film!

You can buy the stretch film we used here. I only picked up one roll at Mendards but we could have used more and wrapped everything in it instead of using packing tape. One roll does go a long way. This is such a great product to cover shelves, furniture, wrap bubble wrap with, or just keep things together. Highly suggested, it will making packing much easier.

stretch film.jpg