That's my Jam -Self-Inking Return Address Stamps!

 I love a good self-inking return address stamp. In fact, one of the first things I did when we moved was march down to Staples and get one made with our new address and of course the title "Dr." for Bennett. It is about $25.00 and they make it right in front of you in about five minutes. You can also order the stamps online from Staples. Right after I got my stamp, which I thought was such an amazing product with its plain Arial, centered font, I came across a cool design on Etsy for the same price. What?! I instantly had stamp envy. I did not even think to look for a fun design on Etsy before I went to Staples! Below I have curated a list of my favorite Etsy stamps so I have options ready to go when I earn my Dr. title and we need a new stamp that reads "Drs."