#Eureka - My Coffee Bar

One of the first things I found on Pinterest was a photo of a coffee bar from the blog Vintage Wren. (View the original post here. ) I immediately knew that I wanted one in our new home. My parents purchased the same shelf  (Hobby Lobby item) from the blog post for me as a housewarming gift. The kitchen had a random extra cabinet separate from the other cabinets with an outlet near it - it was the perfect space to set up my coffee bar. The current state of this project is pictured below. 

In the industrial shelf, I have coffee filters, tea, sugars, and various supplies. I also hung some coffee mugs and stored the rest in the cabinet below.  I topped the shelf off with Bennett's catch phrase "Stay Posi" for daily inspiration. I purchased cardboard letters to make up the phrase and spray painted them silver. After our recent trip to Paris I was inspired to also add espresso cups with spoons and plates and a small stovetop espresso maker.

While I love the coffee bar now, I would love (per suggestion of Bennett's mother) to replace the cabinet below. It works for now, but I think it would be fun to have a cabinet that is an antique or art piece or is just a bright color.  I do have a full espresso machine to make lattes and cappuccinos that I currently store downstairs.  I would love to put on the bar if it had more counter space. This is a great project that I love having in our home!