Monday Musing - "Honestly I Wanna See You Be Brave"

This Thursday I am leaving for the World Leadership Congress (WLC) in Chicago. I have posted before about WLC and the overall organization of HOBY and how much it means to me. You can locate the previous post here under I Love a Good Pun.  I am honored to attend the WLC and have the opportunity to spend time as a facilitator with the coolest students in the country discussing their opinions,  the issues facing the world, how they can grow as leaders, and creating ideas. Look forward to a few more posts about WLC because it is one of the most impressive conferences I have attended!

I recently watched the music video for "Brave" by Sara Bareilles and teared up. It is a feel good song with inspiring lyrics, but it made me a little emotional because watching it reminded me of why I love HOBY so much. In a literal way, at HOBY conferences we dance all the time in public places, so it has that going for it. . . . but the video is really about being yourself. It is about not being self-conscious but proud of your contribution to the world. Not having that fear of judgement is what allows people to progress, be creative, and build confidence. That is what I want for all of my HOBY ambassadors (as well as the students I work with at school, my friends, and my family). The  reason I volunteer for this organization is to be a support for these incredible students and be that someone who cheers them on in the face of judgement and criticism. In honor of meeting a cohort of new ambassadors this week, my Monday Musing is a line from "Brave" that reflects my ultimate wish for all them -


Say what you wanna say.
And let the words fall out.
Honestly I wanna see you be brave.
— Brave by Sara Bareilles