That's My Jam - How to Start a Movement

Hello from the World Leadership Congress! I arrived earlier this week for training and just met my ambassadors last night. I have a group of hip, intellectual high school students from around the world that love to dance, so of course, I am having a blast with them. Today we learned about different religions, perspectives, and cultural traditions and it has been amazing to hear the ambassadors discuss with each other about not only how their environments differ, but also about how similar they are.  Today I learned how to greet others with a kiss like they do in Argentina and counted in Chinese, so cool. 

It is nonstop goodness here at WLC.  If you want to see what is going on with the conference you can search the hashtags #myHOBYstory; #WLC13; and #HOBY. In honor of WLC and working with young leaders this week, I wanted to share a 3 minute TED talk on leadership that is one of my favorite things to discuss in my psychology course. While leadership is important, this video demonstrates that having the courage to be the first follower may be even more important for starting a movement.