Monday Musing - The Power of Silly

Late last night I returned from the World Leadership Congress, WLC. At the conference, there is a daily newsletter where each volunteer facilitator can submit a quote. I thought the quote that I chose for the newsletter (in the image below) would be fitting for my mantra this week. This quote really captures the beauty of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership seminar. All of the HOBY conferences all have the ambassadors sing fun cheers, dress up in themed attire, and play crazy games through the seminar. The point of acting silly is not just for fun, it is because when everyone is doing silly things it levels the playing field. In that type of environment you do not worry about others judging you because everyone is doing something ridiculous. As strange as it sounds, that comfort allows everyone to be themselves freely.  When you are able to look silly, have fun, and not worry about others judging what you are do, it does feel powerful because you are confident. I always strive to be as confident in my daily 'real' life as I am when I am singing a song about bananas at HOBY.