Camera Roll Highlights - #WLC13 edition #Cups&Ice

One of the speakers at WLC this year was Josh Levs, a social media correspondent for CNN. During his speech he challenged the audience to "Be the Cups and Ice". Below is a short clip of him discussing what this phrase means from a speech he gave at a TEDx conference. I have heard him discuss this phrase before and always think about it in my daily life. It sums up what I have learned from the HOBY conferences the past 11 years and is a beautiful message - please take two minutes to watch it!

It is very difficult for me to articulate how much HOBY and the WLC means to me. To me what makes it so powerful are the people who are a part of it. I know I am best self when I around these people. Instead of trying to explain it and not do it justice, I thought I would use a few of my favorite pictures from WLC this year to attempt to show just how incredible these people are. If you look at pictures of my group from Day 1 to Day 7 you will see how they started as strangers forced to take a picture together and transformed into a lovely little family.

*The video I included is one that my HOBY soul sister/ambassador/social media guru, Tess Harkin, put together for our Amazing Race event through Chicago. We had clues that told us to go to various landmarks around Chicago and when we got to each place we had to tweet a picture that we had made it there.