Documenting the Days - A Weekend in Chicago

One of the things that has been nice about living in Iowa City is that we fairly close to Chicago. It is no secret that I long for the city life so I am hoping that frequent trips to Chicago will fill that void for me. Bennett and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last week so we decided to go to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate.  It was also the first time since he started residency, that Bennett had two days off! We met up with friends, went to a Second City show, strolled around the Logan Square Farmer's market, enjoyed a symphony performance in the park, continued our brunch tradition, and I caught up on some 'city errands' like hitting up the Benefit Brow Bar.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend. I need to be better about taking pictures with my camera rather than just my iPhone but I feel self conscious about looking too touristy. A personal challenge to myself is to get over that feeling and take better photographs!