Monday Musing - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Summer is officially over for me but I made the most of my last few days of it by returning to my former home of Omaha, NE. I went there for a dissertation writing workshop and spent four full days with my Creighton Family in the library writing, studying, and laughing. My dissertation is the only thing standing between me and graduation and the weekend really helped me get a jump start on my writing and was motivating. While I am nervous about doing well and making my committee proud, I am very excited to propose my ideas to them and start collecting data this fall. My mantra this week is "Feel the fear and do it anyway" because this week I will be finishing the first three chapters of my dissertation. While I am fearful of showing others what I have been working on, I need to do it anyway so I can move forward.


Although my program is online, I have developed close friendships with my classmates and we love getting together to work. When I am around my classmates I am constantly laughing; we love to work hard but still have fun.  We spent the days writing and then hung out each night together. To make studying fun this trip, we decided to set up a 'fort' in the library where we camped out each day. Our fort was an area of couches and random furniture that we set up to block ourselves off from others in the library. We called it Fort Nerd. In Fort Nerd, everyone had an elected position, I was selected as the social media correspondent. We also had a president, a lookout, PMA (Positive mental attitude support),  a noise level monitor, homeless coordinator (long story),  cruise director, and senior vice-president of distance programming. We each took our positions seriously and Fort Nerd created unity.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend including a short video of Fort Nerd.