Monday Musing - Octobers

Tomorrow is October 1st and I am excited for Fall to actually get here.  It has been too hot in Iowa City  (highs in the 80s expected this week). I can't wait until jacket weather arrives and the schools I work in with no air conditioning are bearable.

October also marks four months of Bennett and I living in Iowa City. When people ask how we are doing I automatically just say "Good, we are getting along fine." Upon reflection though, the past few months have been really tough. We bought our first house and attempted to fix it up on a budget, I am finishing up my doctorate/dissertation research, we both started new jobs, and are adjusting to life in a new place. We are trying to make friends and find new dentists, doctors, dog groomers, hair stylists, etc. which is overwhelming at times. We are also learning about the life of a resident which basically means that Bennett works crazy shifts and we don't get to spend much time together. I will admit though, I have found that Iowa City is not as bad as I originally anticipated. While I miss the luxuries and lifestyle a larger city brings, I am finding some of the local restaurants and boutiques charming.  

Fall is always very soothing to me. I love the smell in the air, the colors, wearing huge sweaters, and drinking cider. I hope that with four months behind us, paired with the calmness of Fall, things will get a little easier for us this October.