Camera Roll Highlights - A Weekend in LA

It was hard going back to work today after a long weekend in California. My sister, cousin, and I all met up for a girls trip in LA. We coordinated our flights so we all flew into L.A.X. at the same time, rented a car, and then spent the weekend shopping and at the beach. During our time we went to Venice beach and got bad, overpriced henna tattoos, listened to Reggae music, went in the ocean, and bought matching tourist tank tops. We also hit up Santa Monica and rode a tandem bike near the Santa Monica pier.  We went to vintage shopping and spent time at a flea market on Melrose Ave. Hollywood was also on our list of stops; we had to put our hands in the Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson's handprints. We ate great food, danced, and made lots of new friends everywhere we went. I am coming back to Iowa on a mission to eat more avocado and put mint leaves in my water.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of the trip.