#Eureka - Live a Good Story

On my plane ride to LA, I read a book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story. The theme of the WLC conference I attended this summer was #myHOBYstory. After the conference I realized that the theme was based off this Donald Miller book which is why I read it. The book was not my favorite book of all time; I didn't particularly enjoy the writing style of Miller or agree with some of the more religious commentary. However, the message of this book has really stuck with me  which is why I wanted to share and recommend it to others.

In the book, Miller writes about the process of making his life into a movie and how a good movie has good stories. The screenwriters started making up stories for his movie because his life until that point was not an interesting enough story. So Miller, decided to take more risks and challenge himself to do more fun, exciting things with the idea that they would make good stories. While attempting to life a life filled with good stories, he became healthier, happier and more fulfilled. Miller gives lots of examples of other people who live interesting stories which was my favorite part of the book. Some of the stories were big ideas like inviting world leaders to a sleepover to talk about peace. Others were small, like a father who put on a suit when his daughter tried on her prom dress for him and then they danced all night and took pictures - a much more memorable and fun experience than her just trying on the dress to show him and then taking it off.

This book made me reflect on the story that I want my life to tell. Turning 28 last week was hard for me because I always thought by now I would be doing something big and be on some "Thirty under Thirty" list for one of my ideas or projects . I have longed for an interesting life and felt that I have fallen short thus far.  I have been in a rut, trying to essentially figure out what I want my story to be and how to get there.  This book made me realize that my life can be an interesting story in a variety of ways and not just because of what my day gig is. It also made me reflect more about how I can make everyday moments more special and be a good story.  If you are interested in this quick, inspiring read, you can buy the book on amazon here, the kindle edition was only $4.99 when I got it.