Monday Musing- Do Something

This is a video that I always showed in my Introduction to Psychology courses to demonstrate the variables that affect bystander apathy and diffusion of responsibility when it comes to helping others in immediate need. The video is from the What Would You Do? series by ABC News and shows how people jump to help a business woman who falls on the sidewalk and how it takes much longer for people to help a homeless man who has fallen. When a homeless man is laying on the ground with alcohol in his hand, most people just step over him. The video is only seven and half minutes and worth your time to watch it. Whenever I showed it in class, most of the class would be teary eyed at the end and it would always start a discussion on treating everyone as a human being.

This weekend, Bennett and I were out downtown after the football game. It was crazy downtown with all of the drunk individuals and people packed there after the game.  We spotted one man who was by himself bent over, seemingly in pain. Everyone was just walking by him so Bennett went up to him to make sure he was conscious and asked what he needed. The incident reminded me of this video and made me want to share it to promote the idea of doing something instead of just walking by (even if that doing something is just calling for help).

Because of this incident my Monday Musing this week is:


I work in a field where I advocate for students who need help every day. I am married to a psychiatrist that helps the people who need it the most and are the hardest to help (in my humble opinion). The sharing of this video is not a commentary on the homeless population or alcoholism; it is just meant to serve as a reminder that we all can do something to help others when we see they are in immediate need.