Monday Musing - Turning Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy

I have been in my own little world the last two weeks which has consisted of me laying on the couch with my laptop and writing my dissertation. The whole polar vortex thing happened which just encouraged me staying in and letting the rest of my life go. Our house currently consists only of piles of things. Our furnace broke (now fixed), our garage door broke (now fixed), our new microwave broke (maybe fixed?). I probably owe you a phone call and an email, I realize this. Tonight, Bennett and I ate ice cream for dinner. You get the idea. 

But it all paid off because I finally submitted a rough draft of my dissertation! It will need to go through many rounds of revisions but it feels amazing to have all my ideas out and on one document that is my dissertation. Whoa.

Last night was the Season 3 premiere of my favorite TV Show, GIRLS. The one thing I did manage to do last week was re-subscribe to HBO to make sure I could watch it. In honor of GIRLS being back, this week I am musing about one of my favorite quotes from the show. While giving a motivational speech, the character Ray, tells Marnie to turn her potential energy into kinetic energy. I have built up a lot of potential energy over the last two weeks from sitting on the couch writing and am ready to turn that into kinetic energy this week and catch up on life.

One of the first things I did with all my energy today was start to clean out my email. A tool that helped me was This is a website where you can enter your email and it will list all of the email lists you are currently subscribed too. You can choose to unsubscribe through the website, keep the emails coming, or rollup the emails from that listserve into one rollup email (For Blog people this is similar to Bloglovin for any email subscription, but now my Bloglovin is in rollup- mind blown). I am a huge fan of using filters and folders on my email but this is amazing. I had subscriptions to over 200 businesses and it felt good to unsubscribe to many that I don't need anymore. I also love getting a daily email with all of the ones I would like to actually see combined; if feels much less overwhelming. You can also go to the website and view the emails from different days and in categories and also change your choices for subscriptions at any time. Highly recommended and it's free!