That's My Jam - Perfume Tray

I have always wanted a little vintage tray to display my perfumes on. I feel like people who have these trays have their shit together.  So I decided to get one.

Many times I will see something that I want and get envious that I don't have said coffee bar/pair of boots/wallpaper etc. Lately, I have realized that I am an adult and if I really want something I can get it, create it, or get something similar. This also happens when I admire something in another person. I get jealous and think that is so cool that he or she does yoga every day/plays ukulele/eats kale/is traveling the world/just started a business, I wish I did that.  I now have realized that I can do that.  A little vintage perfume tray is one example of this empowering feeling.

Over break I got some nice perfumes as gifts so I decided I needed a tray. My mom and I went out to a few antique shops  and happened to find two of exactly what I was looking for that were different sizes. I used the small one to display perfumes in the bathroom. I am going to use the larger one (pictured below) to put some of my favorite jewelry on. Just a little something that makes me happy.  

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future
— Coco Chanel