#Eureka - Adult Field Day

The party duo strikes again.

Staci and I decided to have a small gathering a few weeks ago that we called Adult Field Day. We instructed a group of our friends to head over to Staci's house (In Omaha), pick up a sack lunch, and walk over to the elementary school field near Staci's house.

Staci and I had set up a Field Day at the park like we used to have in elementary school. We dressed up as gym teachers or at least tried to dress up in that way. I ended up looking a divorcee from the 80's going to Bingo night in Long Island.  We had a megaphone, stopwatches, whistles, and even a scoreboard to play the part.  

We spilt up into three teams and had the events that are listed on this official scoreboard. Before each event we would announce (on the megaphone) the rules and how the points would be distributed for that event.  

We also had a parachute that I ordered off of Amazon to play with as a reminder of how cool PE was in elementary school. 

Here are some highlights of the events. 

We handed out participant ribbons to everyone who came because it is America. We also had Field Day dog tags that the members of the winning team got to take home. The ultimate prize was a trophy of winged shoes that said "Adult 2014 Field Day Champion" that I ordered from Crown Awards one of my favorite websites on the planet. (I somehow didn't get a photo of it) We had a few little kids at the event so we ended up giving the trophy to one of the participant's son because how could you not?  

But don't worry, the trophies are cheap so when I ordered them I made sure to order a few extra including this one I made for myself. 

photo 1-7.JPG

It was an awesome afternoon, it reminded me of how important it is for me to have friends who are up for anything. When you have a group like that, you can have a such a great time!