Documenting the Days - Friendsgiving

This past weekend we had Friendsgiving at our house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our friends Staci and Adam came to Iowa City for the weekend and we had our own little holiday. Plus, no one had to cook because we ordered food, it was glorious! 


For Thanksgiving dinner, I found a Rifle Paper Co. banner kit that I loved and decided to do a simple spread around the sign. I found some Rifle Paper Co wrapping paper at one of my favorite local stores in Iowa City that I put on the table with gold washi tape.  I added some gold candles (including my favorite Aloha Orchid Capri Blue candle), mini pumpkins I spray painted gold, succulents, and some Thankful cards I found on Etsy.

I also got a few fresh flowers that I put in old candle holders.  I love my candles and when they are done burning I hate the thought of throwing away the beautiful container. I discovered that if you freeze the reminder of the candle in the container  you can easily get rid of what is left of the candle buy cutting it out with a knife after its frozen. Then you can use the holder as a vase! 


Pax took this lovely group photo of us before dinner.  (Just kidding, I used the self-timer and a tripod.)

Thursday night we participated in the Black Friday madness. Staci bought us adorable matching thermoses that we will filled with coffee to take with us. We found some great deals but my favorite purchase was an awkward sweatshirt that says "Meowy Christmas. Just kitten around, Happy Hanukkah" and features a cat wearing a yamaka. It makes me smile and is super comfy. 

On Friday, Iowa played Nebraska in football. Staci and Adam live in Omaha and are Husker fans so we got decked out and went to the game in the freezing cold as frenemies. I had never been to a college football game and felt it was my time to experience it. We had awesome seats and had a great time cheering. Most of the time I was cheering the sun coming out or hot chocolate because I don't understand the details of football but it was a close and exciting game to witness nonetheless. Plus Staci and I wore fanny packs which was also really exciting. 

We had plans to go hang out in Iowa City that night but we were so exhausted from standing in the freezing cold for hours that we were sore. Our bodies were sore from standing and that is the sad truth friends .We ended up staying in Friday night drinking cider and watching old movies including Blank Check and Adventures in Babysitting and it was amazing. 

Before Staci and Adam headed back to Omaha, we did the brunch thing. Then we headed downtown to participate in Small Business Saturday.  We did it all and had a great time. It was a true reminder that friends do turn into family and it is important to make time to connect and have fun with them.