That's My Jam - Family Photos

I love the idea of family traditions. Bennett and I had a few but the schedule of a resident has definitely gotten in the way of most of them. For example, my favorite tradition we had was that we used to go to brunch every Sunday morning together. Now Bennett works nearly every Saturday and Sunday morning during prime brunch time. It comes with the resident territory I suppose. 

One family tradition I have refused to give up on is taking a yearly family portrait. I have a black and white family photo from every year displayed on the mantle of our fireplace. I love looking at we have changed even these past five years and imagine having a wall filled with these photos years down the road.

 This year we had BirdsDream Design snap a few photos of us at a tree farm for a mini session (as that is all the time we could even fit into our crazy schedule). Here are a few of them.