#Eureka - Passion Rally

I met Lamarr Womble five years ago when we worked together at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. We immediately connected over our shared interest of leadership. At that time Lamarr had just started his organization, Passion for Leadership which is still going strong. He started it as a platform for his motivational speaking to encourage students to identify and follow their passion. Check out his website which connects to all of his social media which I encourage you to follow. The website also features his speaking team, many of whom I have worked with and know - all amazing people.

Lamarr currently lives in New York City where is a Dream Director at a school. Doesn’t that sound like the coolest job ever? Check out more about the Future Project , I love reading the stories and the videos on the site. One of my favorite  is this video featuring Lamarr and his high five Fridays.

From his work at the future project Lamarr had the idea to organize a passion pep rally for the students of Omaha. Lamarr brought in a few of his friends, including me to help. We called the passion pep rally the Omaha Student Take Over. We gathered in downtown Omaha and got everyone pumped with t-shirts that read #PassionNation, chants, performances from a percussion group, and students giving motivational message. Then we took to the streets. We spilt up into groups and asked people downtown if they had ever been asked about their passion for our Passion Tally. 52% of the people asked said that no one had ever asked them what their passion was! We had people write on white boards what their passion was, took their photos, and uploaded it to a website. In our parade of passion with our signs and drums, we also passed out the definitions of the words passion. After our street mission we met up and marched down to the public library to discuss what Omaha as a city could do to support the students better. The students developed a list to present to the Chamber and then some of the students shared their passions, some even performed! We had speakers, dancers, photographers, beat boxers, and even a spoken word artist. It was amazing and incredible to see how energized and happy the students were when engaged in their passion.

Interestingly, while Lamarr was the brain behind this plan, he found out at the last minute he could not make it because he had to go speak in another city. We all wanted to make him proud and I think we did and the event was a success. We want to keep doing this event and have it grow bigger each year. I am honored that Bennett and I were able to be a part of it!

We were the leading news story in Omaha. Here is the news segment  (if it doesn't load on your device here is the link to view it) and photos from my iPhone.